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We can't BEElieve it!

We can't BEElieve it!

We can’t BEELIEVE it 

Our "Beepoint" team have won a Silver Rosette for their honey in the aroma and flavour category in the aroma and flavour category at the Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association Centenary Honey Show.

Held every October, the Association brings together beekeepers from across the county and are judged in a number of categories including honey cakes, designs, and there’s even a section for limericks about bees or beekeeping.

Bee keeper-in-training and wife of CEO Peter, Louise Wells was elated with the results. Commenting on their win, she said, “We’re over the moon to have placed second in the Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association award. This year was the hundredth anniversary of the Association so it was a really special year for all. Scooping an award was the icing on the cake. Beekeepers within the Association have helped me learn how to look after bees and hives with an excellent online course, and practical, hands on experience at the training apiary in Priory Country Park, Bedford. Their mentoring and guidance has turned the dream into reality and there is still so much to learn.”

The idea of installing beehives stemmed from a knuckled down focus on sustainability. Peter Wells, family member and CEO of Wells & Co. said, “Every morning we wake up with the mission to create amazing beer at Brewpoint and give our customers the best possible experience in our pubs. We’re also super conscious about our responsibility to do what we can to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We have a dedicated team working on it all the time. Protecting our bees is just one part of it – but it comes with the added benefit of producing fabulous tasting honey.”

Looking after the behind-the-scenes actions is Wells family member and Sustainability Manager Ed Robinson. Ed said, “We’re very proud of our new beehives here at Brewpoint, so to have our first ever batch of honey recognised with this award is really exciting. A lot of the sustainability initiatives that make up our Triple Bottom Line approach, such as reducing energy usage and food wastage in our pubs, are vital but perhaps not that visible; our colourful little ‘Beepoint’ setup is a great symbol to anyone passing our brewery that we’re making changes to ensure the sustainability of our family business is something future generations can be genuinely proud of.”

Our brewery, Brewpoint also have plans to include the honey in a special, limited-edition beer in the near future.

You can buy Brewpoint’s award-wining “Beepoint honey” from their retail shop at the Cut Throat Lane brewery, or you can also purchase it online here: https://lnkd.in/erAkYNgM