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Here are some important documents and frequently asked questions

Documents and FAQs

Documents and FAQs

Coronvirus Information for Wells & Co. Pub Partners 

Company Info
Our UnTapped Facebook group, exclusively for Wells & Co. Pub Partners, is kept up to date with the very latest advice and discussions on the Coronavirus situation.

Advice for members of our Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

Government Support
Grants & Loans
Apply for a Coronavirus bounceback loan
Info on the business rate grants being offered by local councils 
Increased access to grants for small businesses

Government guidance on the information you'll need to have ready in order to apply for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
A sample of the info required for a Covid-19 loan application (in this case for Lloyds Bank)
Learn about the business relief measures available to you

Furloughing of Employees
Looking for advice on paying your team members during this trading downtime? Wondering what 'furloughing' is all about? Learn more here.
A letter template for furloughing team members 
How to claim for wage costs via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: a step-by-step guide for employers

Financial Forecasting
Forecasting and Financial Appraisal Guidance
Cashflow Forecast Template - Bank Balance, Grants & Loans
Cashflow Forecast Template - P&L Input
Cashflow Forecast Template - Cashflow Year 1
(Contact chris.reed@wellsandco.com if you'd like an Excel spreadsheet version of the templates above)

Pub Closure Resources
The government's current stance on pub takeaway services
Pub Closure Guidance for Pub Partners
Safety Considerations When Closing Your Pub
How to care for your catering equipment as you close your pub

Supplier Resources and Offers
A handy summary of resources from the BII
Business support measures from UK music licensing outfit PPL PRS
Specific guides on caring for your post mix equipment are available from Britvic, Dayla and Coca-Cola.
Metro Rod have been kind enough to offer discounted rates to any Wells & Co. Pub Partners who need help with their drains (either in their pubs or at home)