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Can you BEElieve it?

To celebrate Earth Day, we are excited to announce that we are transforming our otherwise empty field, in to an enjoyable, biodiverse space. The land at the back of our brewery will include 3 beehives, with a plan to expand to more if successful, housing over thousands of bees. Local bee guru, Jenny Higham has guided the team through the process and will be mentoring family member Louise Wells as Wells’ bee-keeper in training.

The project is all a part of our triple bottom line strategy; people, planet, profit, with the aim to make our company a place that future generations will be proud of by making sustainable choices and supporting our environment with initiatives such as aiming for net zero, completing and acting on waste management audits as well as supporting a host of community and charity initiatives.

[Image of Bee Guru's Jenny Higham, Matt Alabaster and our new Bee Keeper, Louise Wells by new bee hives].

To ensure the bees live their best life, our team will be planting wild meadow seeds nearby, as well as a little help from Ben Fay of In Trim who will be creating a beautiful array of bee friendly plants such as Lavender and providing space for bug hotels made from our broken old pallets, again increasing biodiversity within the current empty space.

We have also involved Bedford local Yasmin Willmer, who has given the hives a makeover to reflect the brewery colours and incorporate our logo.

Once made, the honey will be included in our Taproom’s breakfast menu and sold in our retail shop. There are also talks of integrating the honey as an ingredient in our beer.

Ed Robinson, Community Impact Lead and Wells family member said, “‘Beepoint’ is our vision to transform the empty field behind the brewery into an enjoyable, biodiverse space that fits our Triple Bottom Line outlook. It’s the right move for the environment, will provide us with a great spot to enjoy lunch and admire our stripey new friends (from a safe distance!) on sunny days, and most excitingly will result in a supply of delicious, local Brewpoint honey.”