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Seasonal Beer - Artists Announced

Back in April, we shared the news that Bedford family brewers Wells & Co. were on the hunt for local artists to collaborate with on branding the inaugural seasonal beer range to be produced at their new Fairhill home, Brewpoint.

As Tom Foddy, Head of Marketing for Wells & Co., explained at the project’s outset: “There is so much talent out there, everyone has their own unique style, especially in the local area of Bedfordshire. We are keen to work with and promote our local community as much as possible.” 

Fast-forward to December: Brewpoint is now as open as it can be at this point in time – both its online shop and external pop-up bar, A Taste Of Brewpoint, are currently doing a brisk trade – its beers are pouring in Wells & Co. pubs across the region, and the team are excited to share the results of this paid collaboration with some of the finest artistic talent in the area.

After much deliberation, thirteen individual pieces of artwork have been chosen, with each one taking pride of place on a pump clip for one of Brewpoint’s monthly cask beer offerings throughout 2021. The first in the range, a 5.0% ABV Christmas ale named Red Cheeks with artwork by Kelly Billington, is available to enjoy now, which accounts for the lucky thirteenth pump clip.

Tom adds: “We couldn’t be happier with the designs these artists have produced, in fact we love them so much that we’ll soon be selling signed prints via the Brewpoint shop, just as soon as Covid restrictions lift and allow us to welcome the artists in to sign their handiwork. Based on the success of this project we’ll be looking to run a similar arrangement in 2022 and beyond; if you know of a budding local artist we’ve yet to discover, invite them to visit www.brewpoint.co.uk to learn more about our new home and then to get their thinking caps on for their own design.”