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Brewpoint is a state-of-the-art brewing facility with the flexibility to produce the styles of beer that consumers are demanding, equipped with the technology and brewing expertise to guarantee consistently excellent beer.

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    Brew - After three years ‘between homes’ and a reliance on contract brewing to produce the brands Wells & Co chose to retain, Brewpoint heralds a return to what Wells & Co. do best. Capable of producing six million pints per year at launch, the flexible brewing setup will allow them to create and package anything from traditional cask ales to on-trend contemporary bottled beers. 

    Eat - Brewpoint serves fresh food throughout the day, as well as providing the perfect venue to enjoy a freshly roasted coffee or brew. The exterior of the building will houses a scorching pizza oven, and plenty of outdoor seating will allow visitors to soak up the ambience while enjoying a pizza and a pint.

    Shop - Shop online or in store at Brewpoint, with a selection of beers in cans and mini kegs alongside merchandise and other related items.

    Gather - Brewpoint acts as a social hub for the people of Bedford and beyond. It’ll be a great place to work, to play, to celebrate and to enjoy a variety of entertainment. Between space for mobile workers, on-site games, comedy, live music events and a dedicated function space housed on the first floor.

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